March 2 2022

I love your bamboo skis! These are incredible truly and the only ones I’ll ever use. They are so lightweight it helps so much

Violet N Brown


Jan. 31, 2020

6 years of riding Ullr 190s. There is simply nothing as reliable and fun to ski. From the way they smear, carve, and float down the mountain, to the effortless way they glide and kick turn on the uphill, the Ullrs will have you feeling satisfied and excited for lines unskied.
They have that elusive quality I seek in a ski. It is beyond any technical specification. It is the element of uniqueness in the way they ski, the multitude of ways you can enter and exit a turn. Great on the steeps, pillows and in the air. At the end of the day the indication of a good ski to me is the feeling they give: one that breeds exciment within while looking at the terrain ahead.

Dylan Bucher

Apr 25, 2016

Hey Boomtown!

I picked up a set of your Ullrs two and a bit years ago at the Kicking Horse demo sale – have to say that I love them! They handle basically everything I throw at them (and trust me, I’ve been pushing that envelope a bit), they’re super springy, they float like a sonofagun in powder, and I love the bamboo look a LOT. Pretty well my perfect ski actually, and I’ve been meaning to let you guys know that for awhile!

Thanks again for making a dynamite product, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Jim Climie

March 8, 2015:

3 seasons at BigSky MT & their still great all mountain skis that are especially good in powder but can go anywhere. They are very light weight and act soft but can grab. They handle windblown and hard pack ok for a soft ski when needed. I have 160’s & like them best off trail & in trees on powder and soft snow where they turn so easily I just have to think about it & they’ve turned, Ullr takes control.


Oct. 9, 2014

This will be my 3rd season with the Ullers. by far the most versatile ski i have ever had. last season i put on a set of alpine touring bindings. the skis carve hard on the groomers and turn like 160s (i have 190s) in the trees, awesome for amature touring easy to skate with on the flat spots. only problem iv had is keeping wax on them. cant beat the ski for the price, highly recomend for 60% resort 40% touring



February 11, 2008

aspenBoomtown: Bought a set of Powdersticks last year but didn’t have a chance to use them in really deep powder until last week when we did a powdercat tour off the back of Aspen mountain in about .75m new snow. Everyone else rented the big fats thereby making my skis look puny by comparison. But the Powdersticks more than held their own in all conditions against skis that were broader in the shovel by 10cm or more! And by the end of the day (13 runs) the weight advantage was evident as everyone’s legs were dying while mine were still fresh. BTW, I’m 62 years old and the closest skier to me was about 50. The guides could not believe how light the skis were (the guides load the skis into the cat) and how well they handled everything – – – steeps, deeps, trees, traverses, some crud, whatever. Great ride; great value.


Jim Amaroso

May 2007

I never had much success with soft skiis (i.e. Tua) and have always purchased stiffer alpine skiis (i.e. Atomic Teledaddy, Head Monster, Dynastar Intuitiv Big) in a 190 cm or longer size.I am 6’4″ and 210 lbs, so I was sure the Powdersticks would be too soft and short in a 183 cm size. I bought them anyway, since they were good deal and I needed a light weight ski for uphill travel. The Powdersticks are wonderful for skinning and powder, but I did not expect them to be so good in the moguls. I typically ski Winter Park/ Mary Jane which is filled with mogul runs. I have telemarked for 12 years (50 + days a year) and this is by far the best mogul ski I have used.

Please send me your new catalog next year!

Greg Hafeman - Evergreen, CO

female_skierI can’t believe I finally found a new ski for me. I am a 44 years young women who still thinks she skis like a 20 year old. I’m not a very big person but I was addicted to my 188 Volant Machete’s, most of my friends can’t believe I ever skied on these, or that I have skied on them for the past 6 years. I got a pair of Kootenay Powder sticks and fell in love. I skied Powder on my first day, and found my Powdersticks made skiing effortless, I was able to ski my first day of the season with little or no preparation for the season without getting exhausted, because I let my Powdersticks ride. I skied the most horrible conditions, conditions I would never ski normally and had the best control, and the most fun because of my new Powdersticks. Now I see all these older folks on their old Volants, and I understand why they like them, they stick to the hill, but they would all have just as much fun if not more, with less effort if they joined me. Even though the Powdersticks are so light they still perform. I love to carve up the groomed too and I am still flying down the hill, feeling in total control. I loved my Skis so much I am now a rep for Kamloops.

Hannele Nikula, Kamloops, BC

April 8, 2005

Finally, I’ve found a powder ski which is both affordable and works in all conditions, not just powder!

These amazing skis are called the Kootenay Powdersticks and are made by a small Canadian company called Boomtown Sports Emporium. The only way to get them is online ( or in the Boomtown stores in Nelson B.C. They retail for a mere $400 Canadian (what is that, like $2 US?).

I haven’t clipped my heels in for over 15years, and in all that time I’ve never skiied a pair of skis which put such a monster grin on my face.

Give em a try – you won’t be disapointed!.

Steeperdeeper - TelemarkTalk Forum

Nov 20, 2006
These skis ROCK!!
got out for some early turns at Sunshine in Banff – snow conditions were, well typical early season, a bit of everyting with a few rocks and stumps thrown in for good measure. The weather was shall we say ‘blustery’ with gusts peaking past 100 klicks at the top of the lifts – but hey, my lift ticket was purchased, I aimed to ski. I was very iy impressed with ease in which these planks turned but yet felt very stable and solid. Crud and wind packed snow didn’t slow them down or push them around. Very easy to carve a telemark turn in these skis. I’ve never been a fan of moguls but really didn’t have a problem running through them. If I did hit an icy valley in the bumps, yeah they skidded, but not where it was uncontrollable. I did find a stash of windpacked powder and like a true fat ski, these floated on through and made playing in the deeper snow a lot of fun. I found myself looking for steeper and steeper lines and searching out for the stashes of deeper snow with a big grin on the mug.

Overall, I am really pleased with the way these skis work in all sorts of snow – they are now my numero uno ski when I’m off to the big runs, a whole lot of fun is to be had on these flamin boards! I was also really impressed with the voile 3pin crb hardwire. Great control with this binding, a little bit of extra time stepping in but well worth it. Did a few runs on just the 3 pins and that is a great option, it’s interesting to note the more balance you need when you are not relying on the springs for control. If you are looking for a fatter ski, I would highly recommend taking a closer look at these babys.

Give em a try – you won’t be disapointed!.


March 26, 2009
Greetings and an endorsement
Hi Dale,I missed getting together with you when I was in Nelson about 3 weeks ago. I dropped into your store and the fellow I spoke to said you would not be back until the weekend.

Anyway, I wanted to pass on my very strong endorsement of Kootenay Powdersticks. On a 2 week ski trip through the Interior, I used my pair in a wide range of conditions from lovely, light 20 cm of powder in Revelstoke to heavy, wet, sloppy concrete “powder” in Fernie to hard pack in Kimberley. No matter what conditions, they performed really well. Over the past 2 weeks I used them for a CSIA course here at Mt. Washington and conditions ranged from hard pack to about 15 cm of fresh snow. We were doing lots of climbing in the course and I really appreciated just how lightweight the skis are – having spent 6 – 7 hours each day on skis. (Note: They are about ½ the weight of my Atomics) Yesterday for a day of free skiing I used them on the steepest runs I could find on what’s called the Backside of Mt. Washington. They were very responsive and were stable in all conditions. Next winter I hope to be instructing at Mt. Washington on a regular basis and I will certainly be using my pair of Powdersticks. I can now honestly say that, having used them in a wide range of conditions, I am very pleased with the skis.

Further to my preliminary inquiry last Fall, I would be very interested in pursuing the possibility of being a rep on the Island for Kootenay Powdersticks.


Jim Swanson

Aug 23, 2006
I got a chance to ride a pair of powdersticks at Big Red Cats in BC, in March 06. I’ll preface by saying I don’t have much deep powder experience to compare them to, and they were set up alpine.

First, you aren’t going to find a prettier looking pair of boards. I expect that I had a pre-production or demo model (namely, the fact that ‘Boomtown’ was misspelled on the topsheet), but the flame-job on these looks unreal. That alone is worth the price of admission.

I’m 6′, 180lbs (or 82kg, as they say in Canada, eh?), and like big skis. My normal alpine ride is an old pair of Line Darkside 182s, and my tele’s are Karhu Agent 177s. Both have centrally-mounted bindings. Being from the east, I’m terrible in powder on Teles, and kept digging the tips into the bottomless BC powder. That wasn’t a problem with the powdersticks.

I can compare them directly to a Rossi B4 173, which I rode on the same trip (again, alpine). The powdersticks didn’t turn as sharply, and didn’t have quite the snap of the B4. I can’t compare sidecut, but the B4 definitely has more. I remember weight of the setups being similiar, even with an extra 7cm on the powdersticks. That wasn’t a problem, as the powdersticks have less swing weight, making jump-turns faster.



November 10, 2018
I am President of Morningstar Ski Tours. We have been doing group ski tours for over thirty years and I have skied all over the world on said tours. I have been skiing on Boomtown Sports skis for over 14 years now. Dale’s Ullr reverse-camber rockers and the BEST ski I have ever skied! My Ullrs and I have skied the backcountry and resorts in every kind of conditions and they rock. The bamboo is very tough and the skis are indestructible. I am about to start season 5 on my original pair! The lightness of the ski is what makes it stand out above any other ski I have seen. Lightness equals quick turns and less fatigue at the end of the day. The skis are made for the Pow and you literally cannot sink the tips, no matter how deep the snow. Surprisingly, the Ullrs are the most fun bump ski I have skied as well. The rocked geometry of the ski makes for a short turning radius. If you are a good bumper, you will rip mogul lines effortlessly, which is amazing for a ski designed for powder. In short, I love my Ullrs and I have turned on many of my skier clients to them as well.

Dan the Ski Man

President, Morningtar Ski Tours

November 23, 2014
“The Ullr’s are my go to pair of skis everyday of the season. They’re lightweight for touring yet stable for big mountain riding; Float well in the trees, carve well on the groomers and they’re even durable enough to take into the terrain park. After three seasons of weekly abuse they’re still perfectly fit to ski on! The flex and feel of the ski is almost exactly the same as day one, thanks to the bamboo core. There’s simply no better value out there. It feels good to leave the house in the morning holding a light and strong pair of Ullr’s. Knowing that any condition or situation you may encounter out there will put a smile on your face.”

Dylan Bucher

January 12, 2011

Greetings Boomtown”Ooh, la, la,” are the words that I can remember singing to myself after skiing on the 19o ULLR’s. “Amazing” and “fantastic” are also two words that strongly come to mind. The ULLRS are absolutely the best skis that I have ever skied on and are an extreme powder lovers wet dream come true! Thanks for making the dream come alive with a ski that rivals other skis costing twice as much. Thanks again Dale and the pleasure is definitely all mine. ULLR’s you know you rock big time. Finally an affordable extreme all mountain powder ski has arrived!

Brenan J. Chato - (hard core Skier for over 25 years)

June 4, 2010

The Valhalla ski’s I bought from Dale’s store are the greatest skis I have ever used. Like and with high performance in all snow conditions. Plus I was able to order them on-line, they responded promptly and the skis were delivered promptly to my home.”Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, Creative

Brian Knight

March 11, 2009


Peter Richie

February 5, 2008

Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain

Greetings BSI,

I purchased a pair of your Kootenay Powdersticks in August and have absolutely loved them since the first day I used them. In fact, I rarely use my Atomic Sugar Daddies now as they are just too heavy and a chore in the trees when riding multi-days. I even talked my buddy into buying a pair as he wanted to get some new powder boards and he loves them too.

So far this season I have 14 days of powder riding at Castle Mountain Resort (208cm of powder this past weekend!!!) in Alberta, Kickinghorse in Golden and the new Revelstoke Mountain Resort (I used your ski at the opening day of RMR where this ski is perfectly suited!) which is my new favourite hill and its massive to say the least where these skis have helped me improve greatly, specially in the trees.

When people see me on these boards in the lift lines and on the hill everybody asks me about them and I tell them how good the ski is and that they should check out your newer line of Valhallas. I enjoy your ski so much that I intend on buying a newer pair of the Valhallas for next season.

Tony Roberts, Calgary, Alberta

April 18, 2007

marmotBasinDear Boomtown Sports:
My name is Kevin Forbes, I am 43 years old and I love to ski.

Since I started using the Peak Sticks, I have fallen in love with them. Everything about my skiing has improved. I find them effortless to turn on compared to my Cybers, What can I say; I have a gas skiing on them.

Kevin Forbes - Edmonton, AB

March  2007

quesnelI bought the Kootenay Powdersticks last fall and I just wanted to let you know I love them. I mounted my AT bindings on them, but I have only skied them on the ski hill so far. They were light and sporty. They let me feel like I could relax and have fun without having to really drive them anywhere. They were fantastic in the powder and surprisingly great in the powdery moguls. I could easily turn them fast enough in the bumps. It was easy to ski them in rough conditions all day without fatigue.

Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the great ski.

Planning and Development Services Dept, Quesnel, BC
Phone: 250-992-2111 Fax: 250-992-1512

Errin Evans, Municipal Planner

powderstick_action-1As someone who takes skiing really seriously, I have no hesitation recommending the Kootenay Powder sticks to anyone. Finally! A ski light enough for the backcountry but fat enough to be responsive in the deepest, heaviest powder. Put on the cruise control for a laid back run, or drive it hard on the steeps at speed; regardless, the Powdersticks perform beyond your highest expectations! In sixteen years without clipping my heels down and quarter century on skis, I’ve never found a more enjoyable (or affordable) ski.

Paul Bowes, Backcountry Telemark Fanatic

December 9, 2007

whistler-bcThe other day, I had the opportunity to take several runs on these interesting “Bamboo” skis. I really enjoyed them. I found them to be surprisingly versatile. They skied best in soft powder, but also held their edge well on hard pack.I skied on the 186 cm ski, which is a little long for me, and I sensed that the binding could have been mounted a little further forward, to make turn initiation easier. Never the less I found it to be quite easy turning and enjoyable.

It is a nice looking ski and I received a number of questions about it while moving through the lift line maze.

I have been a professional ski patroller on Whistler Mountain for 28 years, and skied on many skis. I liked these skis. Thank you for providing me the chance to try them out.


Ken Melamed, Whistler, BC

Ken Melamed, Whistler, BC

March 2007

mustangPowderDear Boomtown:
Just a note to say how pleased I am with my Kootenay Powdersticks. Used them catskiing at Mustang Powder and they were just fantastic in the powder and stable crossing a slab. Some of the other guests were a little jealous of my light, floating sticks. I’m sure some will be smart enough to get a pair.

Wishing you continued success

David Creighton

Feb 12, 2008

ski_man-2I am the President of Morningstar Ski Tours, Inc. in the States. Last Christmas, while in Red Mtn., Canada on a tour, I discovered the Kootenay Powder sticks and tried them out in the powder. I returned at the end of the day and bought them straight away. They are the best powder ski I have found in 37 years of skiing. And amazingly, they are the best bump ski I have skied! Their lightness and soft tail allow them to go edge to edge very quickly. And in the powder, they float like a feather. Twelve of my clients have purchased the skis this season and have enjoyed them as well. I put in about 25 days on the Powdersticks this season and have skied everything from ice to thigh-deep powder. ski_man-1They performed well in every type of conditions. They have also proven to be durable and tough. I have broken many skis in the past, but not the Sticks! If you are a strong skier who likes to get off the trails, this ski will rock your world!

Dan the Ski Man/ President: Morningstar Ski Tours