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Boomtown Sports Inc (BSI) has been making skis  since 2002.

Our first design, the Kootenay Powdersticks, sold out but you may still see them on the hill as they were ahead of their time and people still love them.  Next were the Kootenay Parksticks. More of a midfat that’s great all over (even back east).  A year after it was the Kootenay Peaksticks. Both with flame graphics with flames burning both ways from the bindings (you’re on fire).  A fatter carver that can handle the whole mountain from the peak to the bottom with confidence.  We then called our skis K3 skis as K3skis.com was available and kkk skis wouldn’t sound so good. K2 sued us and we couldn’t afford to fight so we signed over our web site and first two years of advertising to k2 and now call them the Boomtown skis and carried on.

We then made the same designs plus a couple more out of bamboo instead of maple. This cost more but made them much stronger and snappier. Bamboo (natures carbon fiber) doesn’t expand when wet or rot like wood so they should last forever.  These were called the Valhallas (heaven for the gods). This is also the year we made the Nirvana (heaven on earth) snowboards. These have a beautiful bamboo and maple core that is visible from the top and the bottom and are soft and responsive with traditional camber and sidecut. Now half price.

Dale showing the new UllR Skis

Our newest design of skis is called the Ullr (God of snow).  Fat, pure bamboo core powder skis with early rise tip and tail and a quick 14 meter radius. Nobody has yet to break one of our bamboo skis. Wanna try?

Check out the testimonials of people who have them and order yours before we run out.

Order over the phone for free from anywhere in North America
by calling 1-800-704-6489

Our store is open every day from 9:00am to 5:30pm PST Monday to Saturday
and 11:00am to 4:00pm on Sundays
510 Hall Street
Nelson, British Columbia
Canada V1L 1Z2

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