Trade Policy Starting March 1st 2021

  • Trade-ins will be assessed according to demand, not retail value, needed repairs, labor, quality, and age.

  • With the exception of certain rare instances, we will receive items that are no older than 8 years old.

  • The customer has 2 weeks to respond to our trade-in offer, as marked on the trade-in card call date, otherwise the through their own negligence the credit will be applied to an account and the items will be tendered for sale, responsibility will be fully on the customer to respond in this time frame.

  • If upon closer inspection unforeseen damage is discovered on any item, this will be deducted from the initial credit applied to the account if it still exist.

  • If it is discovered that an item is compromised beyond sale-ability after a trade in is agreed upon, partial value will be deducted from the account, not the total amount agreed upon.

  • Any stolen goods claims will be on the person who brought the items in. Claims will need valid proof of possession, IE receipts, a photo with the item, or any other legally applicable method. Hearsay will not be accepted.